Pregnancy Fitness - Exercise During Pregnancy

Make exercise a natural part of your regular activity. What exercises can a pregnant mother do?

Exercise is important for everyone to stay healthy, pregnant women are no exception. Pregnant women who do not exercise will get less fit as they get heavier and heavier, regular exercise will keep both mother and baby fit and healthy.

If you are thinking about starting some form of pregnancy exercise, check with your gynae before beginning no matter how good you might feel. Pregnant women classified under the high risk category may have to avoid any form of exercise until your gynae tells you otherwise and you might have to start off with very light forms of exercises.

When you are fit for exercise, you could read up on pregnancy exercise or fitness routines for ideas. There are many such books available. There are several exercises you can do during your pregnancy. The following are recommended:

  • Basic Position and Kegel (Pelvic Floor)
  • Pelvic Tilt
  • Dromedary Droop
  • Neck Relaxer
  • Tailor Sit, Tailor Stretch
  • Leg Lifts

Besides these, you can go for regular walks. Get your husband to go along with you, make it your special time together. This is perhaps the easiest pregnancy exercise you can be motivated to do with your husband. Afterall, I'm sure you would love to spend time with your husband.

The Pregnant Couple's Guide to Working Out Together by Isa Herrera

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Fit & Healthy Pregnancy
Kristina Pinto with Rachel Kramer

Exercise during pregnancy isn’t just safe, it’s healthy for you and your baby. This book from running coach Dr. Kristina Pinto and triathlete Rachel Kramer, MD goes beyond labor and delivery through the “fourth trimester,” helping new mothers return to fitness after they’ve had their babies.

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But honestly, getting into the routine of regular exercise is not easy especially when you are pregnant. It was difficult for me. Even when you are not pregnant, how often did you exercise? To help motivate you, you could get your husband to get into the pregnancy exercise routine with you. It is a good way to motivate each other to exercise. It can be fun and most importantly, a good way to spend time with each other and to keep up with fitness at the same time.

There will definitely be a greater bonding between you, your husband and with the baby in you when you do the pregnancy exercises together regularly.