Pregnancy Diet - What to Eat During Pregnancy

What can you or should you eat when you are pregnant?

Getting the correct diet for during your pregnancy is beneficial to both yours health and your baby. You may want to think about getting a diet plan for your pregnancy.

The best diet is to eat healthy. However, this can become difficult if you are going through your pregnancy with food cravings (You can read more about this from my article "Food Craving"). This will totally destroy your healthy diet plan. It's worse when you have craving for unhealthy food stuff.

Eating right and eating well should not be compromised even when you when cravings; at the least have one proper meal a day.

If you are one for variety and you probably might have an unquenchable desire for different food at different times, it is good to widen your knowledge of food choices. One good way is to get a couple of good healthy eating pregnancy diet books.

I recommend reading Eating for Pregnancy: The Essential Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Today's Mothers-to-Be by Catherine Jones, Rose Ann Hudson. A book that combines both recipes and nutritional advice aimed specifically at the mother-to-be.

I was fortunate not to have uncontrollable desire for food but I do know of mothers who went through that phase.

The general rule is to eat when you are hungry, just don’t over eat, minimize junk food and try to keep to eating good nutritional food groups. Hey, you are allowed to pamper yourself once in a while and please do, just don't over do it. A good pregnancy diet plan does cater for such allowances.

If you are planning on starting a diet plan for your pregnancy, you might want to first consult your gynae.