Food Craving During Pregnancy

Is food cravings normal during pregnancy? There are more pregnant women having food craving than you may know.

You have never had food cravings but now that you are pregnant, you find yourself with food cravings and even for food that you know you would never have cravings for.

Food craving is an experience many pregnant women would have had during their pregnancy. And yet, no one really knows why and how food cravings occur.

It shouldn’t be a cause for concern unless it affects your eating habits and causes imbalance in your diet or you have cravings for non-food items. Consult your healthcare provider immediately should this happen.

Food carvings can be unbearable and it might not go away until the craving has been satisfied. Your other concern would be your husband who would be hunting down food stuff to satisfy your food cravings.

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Your carving for food can happen anytime even in the middle of the night. Your spouse would need to get out of bed or likely even out of the house in the earily hours of the morning to buy or prepare food. So moms-to-be, go easy on them.

It is important to ensure you get a health diet each day and don’t stress yourself up by worrying about these food cravings. Read our pregnancy diets page for more suggestions healthy pregnancy diets. The good news is that your cravings are less intense as your pregnancy progresses.

Stay cool.