Feeling Hot (Overheating) During Pregnancy

A rather "uncomfortable" change you are likely to go through during your pregnancy is your rising body temperature. This is due to the increase in your basal metabolic rate, which is the rate your body uses up energy when it is at rest, by about 20% during your pregnancy. You will feel the heat during your third month or after your first trimester.

When your body overheats, you would likely lose rest especially at night. I had many sleepless nights because of the heat and perspiration. There are some things you could do to keep cool.

What You Wear

Wear light clothing definitely helps. You could also lock yourself in your room and go bare or topless especially when you are alone at home.


Take several baths a day. A cold shower is a good way to cool down but keep the showers short and not too frequent or your skin will feel dry. Perhaps apply some moisturizing cream after each bath. Oh yes, your water bill will go up!

Air Conditioning

Having a cooling system in your home has it advantages particularly in a room. When you feel you are overheating, take a book or magazine and go into the room and close the door. Turn up the air conditioner! There is one problem with this solution; your husband will have to bear the cold during the night in the room with you. My sweet husband wore "winter" clothes to sleep. Another alternative was for him to sleep in a separate room. But he did not want to part with me.

Keep Hydrated

Ensure you consume enough water throughout the day and throughout your pregnancy; it will help reduce your body heat. Remember that when you heat up, so does your baby.

Your body overheating during pregnancy does not necessarily stop after childbirth; I continued having this problem several weeks after delivery but it will pass.

Stay cool.