Constipating During Pregnancy

Why pregnant women are constipating and what to do about it?

Constipation is a common problem faced by pregnant women and it is an uncomfortable feeling. When constipation occurs, try to relax and do not panic or don't let it bother you as it will stress you up causing you to constipate further.

Sever constipation could lead to difficulty in urinating and when that happens consult your gynae immediately for advice and implement some measures to prevent constipation. This I do know for a fact because it happened to me.

There are 3 possible causes to constipation:

  1. The pregnancy hormones which soften all your muscles and ligaments make the muscles of your intestines relax so that they cannot move food through your intestines as quickly as usual.
  2. As your pregnancy progresses, your womb gets bigger and it puts pressure on your bowel that can make it difficult for it to work properly.
  3. Constipation can also be caused by the consumption of iron tablets that are prescribed for your pregnancy.


  • Take lots of fibre, like wholemeal bread, and plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet.
  • Take as much water and fruit juice as you can everyday.
  • When you are opening your bowels, try and relax as much as possible, getting stressed only makes it worse. Take your time.
  • Massage your tummy firmly in a circular clockwise direction.
  • Exercise regularly through walking and swimming.

When it becomes a serious problem consult your healthcare provider immediately, do not wait till it becomes unbearable.