Pregnancy - Choosing A Gynaecologist

How do you choose the right Gynae for yourself?

One of the things in your to do list when you discover that you are pregnant is to find a gynae, a good reputable one I would believe. You would start doing your homework, ask friends and relatives for recommendations and then arrive at a well-researched and recommended gynae that you can afford. You would be happy with that gynae throughout your pregnancy. Well, not necessarily.

My first pregnancy, I settled for a recommended gynecologist who was reputable and experienced. You would have thought that I was in good hands, but it was a terrible experience. It was not because the gynae was careless or unqualified; it was the experience with him at every routine visit that troubled me. I came out of every visit stressed and worried. With him, I went through my whole pregnancy with my husband fearing for my baby.

I had pregnancy-induced hypertension and being my first pregnancy, I was somewhat concerned for my baby and naturally I would hang on every advise my gynae would be me. The problem was, my gynecologist never had any encouraging things to tell me or assured me that my baby would be fine. Every visit he would have some unfavorable precautions to tell me. I guess some of you would feel that it was his job to prepare me in the event that something unfortunate would happen. I learned the hard way that gynaes, even the best of them, had different opinions of a condition. My daughter was born fine and healthy!

When I had my second child, I had the same pregnancy-induced hypertension but this time I went to another gynecologist and my experience with her was totally delightful compared to my first one. This time, I was even faced with the possibility of conceiving a baby with Down syndrome. My new gynae was very encouraging and even gave me hope to what seemed bleak to me. Even my hypertension wasn’t any cause of alarm to her. Through my second pregnancy I found peace and assurance from my second gynae. My son was born normal and healthy!

What’s really important, besides finding an experienced gynae is to find one that you are comfortable with and find encouragement and assurance. A peaceful mind leads to a happier mother and child.

So don’t just accept a recommended gynae, pay them an initial visit and determine if that gynae is suitable for you and bring your husband along for those visits. Ask yourself after the initial visit, if you are comfortable and receive a sense of assurance with the gynae? If you are not, find another one.

From my own experience, if your gynae brings you unfavorable news, consider seeking a second opinion from another gynecologist before deciding on your course of action.