An Introduction to Motherhood

Like all first time mothers, we plan on being the best mother we can be to our baby. And at the same time, being the superwoman that we are, we also aim on being the best wife to our spouse.

Most of us will start reading up baby information on baby care, especially on our baby's first year. This is perhaps the best thing to begin with and there are a number of good books on baby care.

However, you can never be too prepared for motherhood and caring for your baby as a first time mother. It generally gets easier with experience but it doesn't necessary mean it will be easier with your next baby as each child is different. Each baby has their own distinct nature and character. What worked for your first baby or on other babies does not necessarily work on your baby.

One thing is for certain, motherhood means making sacrifices; things will never be the way it was before your baby arrived. It is a constant learning journey and a lifetime of making changes.

Once your baby arrives, you find yourself struggling to cope with the demands your baby will have on you. You are learning to

  • understand your baby's behaviors and development.
  • breast feed your baby.
  • feed your baby with the correct food types at different stages of your baby’s growth.
  • understand why your baby's cries.
  • care for your baby and manage house chores.
  • get sufficient rest and sleep.

There are really a lot of things to learn and do. Having a good book on babies around the house is really helpful.

You will also start noticing changes in your relationship with your husband. You are definitely not going to spend as much time together as before. You attitude towards him will change; he doesn't seem that helpful or supportive anymore. They are not helping out around the house or taking care of the baby enough! Issues on house cleanliness will give you a better idea what I mean.

Your baby is going to demand a lot of time from you. You will feel tired and often frustrated, but your baby will bring you lots of happy and wonderful moments. Seeing your baby rollover for the first time, taking their first step, or speaking the first word is just simply wonderful.

Your baby will leave with you a lifetime of wonderful memories and happiness that will make you feel that motherhood is all worth it. You'll have lots to look forward to as you learn and grow with baby through motherhood.