House Cleanliness

Is the cleanliness of your home a time bomb waiting to explode?!

This is probably a matter that is close to every women's heart, especially for mothers with baby. We want to ensure our little bundle of joy has a clean and hygienic home.

What are fathers' perspective on this? Generally, they are less particular - everything appears clean. Perhaps that's the way most men are but not us mothers. However, I have encountered some fathers who are overly protective and particular about their baby's hygiene.

Maintaining a clean environment for our baby is important but it comes at a price, rest, which is also greatly needed for new mothers.

A new mother juggling between caring for your baby especially if you breast feed, and keeping the home clean, is really very tiring. In just a matter of a week, two weeks or even two months, you will become exhausted, even burnt out if you do not manage these activities properly.

I have seen this happen to many mothers and even in my own experience. Temper flares, frustration sets in, unhappiness, you name it, it will happen.

This is less likely to happen when you have someone to help you. If you are thinking about your husband helping out, I won't put much hope on that happening. Consider yourself lucky if he is willing to help out in a few things. Most are willing to help out here and there but mums; it is never enough by our standards.

Your best hope is to adjust. Consider what areas of cleanliness are important and what's bearable. For example, you don't need to sweep or mop the floor twice a day. Depending on your lifestyle, it might not need to be a daily chore.

Don't compromise total home hygiene for peace at home. A war zone will cause unrest to your baby; babies can sense it when parents are stressed out.

Find time to rest; sleep when your baby sleeps at certain times of the day. By taking short naps, it gives you more energy to last through the day and to accomplish the essential chores you have identified. You can read my article on Getting Rest for suggestions.

Assign some crucial chores to your husband, make sure he agrees and don't force it on him. Husbands need lots of encouragement.

Constantly re-evaluate what areas of cleanliness must be maintained and what you can forego, you will be surprised at the number of chores you can put off. I am not suggesting hygiene is not important, it is but it does not have to be a 100% hygiene safe haven.

Point to remember; there are bigger problems for you to deal with in time, home cleanliness and hygiene is not the biggest issue.