Hand-Me Down Baby Clothes

When you received news of your pregnancy, you probably would have (if you have not already done so) starting thinking about what to buy for your baby. Things like:

  • Milk bottles
  • Sterilizer for the Milk Bottles
  • Baby Clothing
  • Diapers (Cloth Nappies)
  • Baby Colt
  • Baby Carrier and Stroller

and the list goes on. You might even already have starting buying things for your baby.

When your family and friends learn of the good news, they too might have started giving you gifts for your baby. Though it is unlikely before your baby is born. However, it is quite common that hand-me down baby things are being offered to you. Things such as baby clothes, cloth nappies, stroller, baby colt; things that were once used by their baby.

Some parents-to-be might not take this considerate gesture too kindly and prefer to have everything bought brand new. My husband was such a person when I was expecting our first child.

Frankly, hand-me down from family, relatives and friends are great money savers. Don’t turn them down because they aren’t new, they are usually in rather good condition as babies outgrow them very quickly while they are still in good condition. You can also be pretty sure no one would think of passing worn-out baby things to you.

While there are some things you would want to buy new ones such as baby bottles and tits, and a breast pump, I would recommend that you accept infant ware. Clothing, hats, cloth nappies, bibs and towels are good hand-me downs, just give them a good wash before using. At the very most, buy a few new baby clothes for special occasions and outings, and get a size larger. Here are some tips on buying baby clothes.

If you are not particular, put baby cot and baby stroller in your acceptable list of hand-me downs. Just make sure that they are still sturdy and in good working condition.

If you must buy everything new, when you baby out grows them, do consider keeping them for your next baby if you plan on having more than one child. You could also consider passing them on to someone else. You can help them save cost and spend on other more worthwhile necessities for their baby.