Getting Rest - Mothers with Newborn Babies

Mothers need to find time to rest and relex.

Not getting sufficient rest seems to be a common experience with new mothers caring for their babies on their own. Adjusting to your new role as a mother, tending to your baby's needs and with breast feeding (especially with night feeds), and house chores can really exhaust you. A tired mother is a frustrated mother.

It would be great if you have someone help you out for at least the first month, be it your mother or relatives who can help you do the cooking and cleaning. If you are one of the really fortunately ones with a permanent helper, getting sufficient rest is not a problem for you.

If a helper isn't available to you even for the first month, here are some suggestions that might help:

Rest with Your Baby

Try taking short naps with your baby, that is, sleep when your baby sleeps. Don't take every opportunity to do things every time your baby sleeps. This may sound logical and easy but believe me, it is something you won't accomplish so easily. You will find yourself busy around the house every time your baby sleeps. It will require a conscious effort on your part to rest. A note here; there is more to relaxing besides sleeping.

Prioritize Your House Chores

Do not take every moment your baby sleeps to do house chores. Believe me, there will never be enough time to do all of them and you will really tire yourself trying. Decide what are the essential chores that need to be done and what are those that can be put off till your husband gets home. He can tend to the baby or work out a share of the house chores your husband could do for you.

Find Quiet Moments

This is perhaps the most important and effective to getting rest. Find time to do things that can help you relax, after dinner walks together with your husband and baby can have a very calming effect on you. In the day time you could spend time reading or knitting, little things that you can simply put aside when your baby needs you.

Whatever you do mothers, learn to rest and relax but most importantly always enjoy your baby and family. And if you are up for it, some light stretching exercise would be most helpful.