My Baby is Teething?

Teething usually beings when your baby is about 6 months of age, for some, it could be even earlier. It is said to be a painful and stressful time for your baby but not all babies will go through the same experience. Our second child had teething without a hitch.

However, when your baby is teething, there are three common signs.

  • There is excessive drooling. Use a bib to prevent wetting baby's clothes.
  • There is a tendency to bite things. Put your finger into your baby’s mouth, your baby will bites it. Don’t confuse sucking with biting.
  • There is tenderness and baby’s gums appear swollen.

The first teeth to appear are normally the bottom two and top four front most teeth (incisors).

Easing The Teething Pain

If your child is irritable and cries, you can try the following which might be helpful:

  • Rub the gums with a clean wet finger.
  • Rub the gums gently with a cold spoon.
  • Let your baby bite on a chilled teething ring. Be sure the teething ring is chilled and not frozen as it may cause frostbite to your baby’s lips and gums.
  • Let your baby chew on a clean cold wash cloth. Do not leave your baby unattended should you decide to use this method.

One of the best methods to ease your baby’s discomfort is to play with your baby while you are applying the methods mentioned above. When your baby is laughing, the pain is "relieved".