Baby Strollers: Lightweight and Jogging Strollers

Having a baby stroller to moving around with your baby definitely has its advantages. However, there are times when a baby sling or carrier would be more suitable or convenient.

If you have decided on a baby stroller, what type of stroller should you get, a Lightweight Stroller or a Jogger or Jogging Stroller? Needless to say, if you are having twins or triplets, you would go for a Double Stroller or Triple Stroller.

The design and option for strollers have increased and improved over the last 10 years. Heavy duty strollers which were preferred for its steadiness are being replaced by jogging strollers. Lightweight strollers have also become more steady.

There are definitely still inferiorly designed baby strollers, but in general, most strollers are just as good. It is fair to say that your choice of stroller is strictly based on preferrence and lifestyle. If you are a jogger, a jogging stroller is a must.

With steadiness and durability being equal, there are still a couple of factors you can look at when deciding on buying a baby stroller.


Is the baby stroller easily tilted or toppled? Jogging strollers generally heavier than lightweight strollers. They have bigger wheels which makes it somewhat harder to topple when it is bumped into accidentally. If the impact is great, any stroller will topple regardless of it being a 3-wheel or 4-wheel baby stroller. Incidentally, bigger wheel strollers offer better maneuverability. When your baby gets bigger your child might shake or rock the stroller and lightweight strollers are more prone to tilting.


When it comes to mobility and portability of the baby stroller, lightweight strollers fair better that the jogging strollers. However, there are several factors determining this:

  • You do not move around in your own car.
  • You always go out with your baby alone.
  • Where you are going to have narrow walkways and difficult access to different levels. This can also be determined by your geographic location.

Not having your own transportation and going out with your baby alone can be difficult especially when you need to move from one destination to another, climb up and down stairs or steps with a stroller. This is where lightweight baby strollers comes in handy. Carrying your baby and the stroller up and down stairs is not easy, not forgetting that you still have your baby bag to manage. It is a definite advantage if the baby stroller can:

  • Open and close easily and quickly. A one button closing system.
  • Stand upright when in a closed position.


Whether you decide to go for more safety or easier handling, one thing you should also take note of is the handle or handlebars of the baby stroller. Make sure it is at a comfortable level and it allows you to maintain a vertical posture when you are pushing the stroller. If the handles are too short or low, you will need to lean forward to push the baby stroller and you could end up with an aching back! An adjustable handle height would be ideal.

If you tend to buy things on your outings with your baby, a stroller with a large storage compartment would come in h


A well-padded baby stroller offers your baby better comfort, especially to the head. Thinly padded strollers do not offer any knocking protection to your baby’s head, especially when your baby’s head droops when falling asleep.

Choose a baby stroller that best suits your daily routine; be practical when choosing a baby stroller, it makes both you and your baby’s outing more enjoyable.