Baby Shoes: Footwear for Baby

Cute and pretty to look at; is that all baby shoes is good for?

There are many different types of baby shoes you can buy for your baby. Most of the time shoes are bought to please our desire for baby to look nice or cute, much like playing dress up baby.

If you are thinking of buying expensive shoes, you might want to reconsider as your baby will outgrow them very quickly. However, you can till get pretty not too expensive baby shoes from Robeez Baby Shoes which are recommended by paediatricians for baby, infant and toddler.

If your baby isn’t already walking or hasn’t taken their first steps, there really isn’t any need for your precious one to wear any baby shoes especially in the house unless it is for some special occasion or outings. In such cases any soft based non-slip bottoms will do, just make sure they are not tight.

When your baby starts walking, baby shoes mainly offer protection to your baby’s feet outdoors. Babies have sensitive feet, rough surfaces, hot sidewalks and cold surfaces could hurt your baby’s feet without any proper baby footwear. When you do use footwear, make sure it isn’t too tight or fitting; there should be room about 1/2 inches between the tip of the baby shoes and your baby's little toes.

If you are not too particular about hand-me-downs, I would recommend you take them. Mmost pre-walking baby shoes are outgrown when they are still in good condition.

Here's a tip, don’t throw away your baby shoes if they are still in good condition, they can be reused. Our second child reused many of the elder sibling’s baby shoes that were still in good condition.

A side note, when your child has learnt to walk for a couple of months and is steady, they look simply adoreable in booties!