Baby Clothing

Buy baby clothing that are easy to wear when learning to dress your baby.

Pretty baby clothing can really bring out the beauty of your baby. We can get carried away in dressing up our newborn baby, just like when we were young dressing up our dolls.

Even for your newborn, there are lots of baby clothes to choose from. There are dresses, would you believe shirts and polos, bodysuits, hoodies, sweaters, rompers, sleepwear, hats and shoes for your baby. It is easy to get drawn to all the pretty baby clothing without any hesitation as we mothers often do.

How you would have your baby dressed up I would leave that to your own style and taste. I would just comment on two areas:

  1. What to consider if you are new at handling a newborn baby.
  2. Being practical when buying clothing for your baby.

New at Handling a Newborn Baby

This would probably apply more to new fathers, but then again who knows. If you have not handled a baby or toddler before, putting on clothes for them can be challenging and intimidating at first. A common fear is hurting the toddler's neck or hands. But not to worry, babies are pretty tuff, just don't get too rough.

If you are unsure, you should start with baby clothing that are easy to put on. Use baby clothes that is not put on from the baby's head, otherwise ensure that the collar comes with buttons that you can unfasten. Stretchable collars are somewhat harder for you to manage with your baby. What's important is to get baby clothes that you know you can handle easily.

Practical Considerations

This is often easily overlooked when you see pretty and attractive baby clothes. It happens to me all the time if I am not mindful of it. Here are some practical considerations:

  • Generic wear baby clothings can be better utilized before they are out grown.
  • Clothing that makes diper change easy especially in public places.
  • Clothing that are cooling. It is easier to put on more clothes like a sweater or to remove them than it is to change a new set of clothes.

Dressing your baby in beautiful clothes is very tempting. Some designer and cute outfits aren't that practical or that easy to handle. Begin with clothes that are easy to wear and definitely focus on being a practical baby dresser. Dress your little baby to suit the place and occasion you are going to. Once you become more confident and when baby gets bigger, your choice of baby clothes is limitless.

Remember being practical is better than looking beautiful, just don't let your baby look sloppy.