Mums Must Have

Essential Baby Things For Outings

With baby along, you'll never be able to leave the home empty handed. Be sure you have the following items with you.

  • A changing bag or nappy bag.
  • A changing pad.
  • Nappies. The number required would depend on how long your outings will be. It is always beeter to bring more.
  • Wipes (Wet and Dry).

  • Small plastic bags to carry wet or soiled baby clothes.
  • A bottle of water.
  • A flask of hot water if you are using formula feed.
  • A formula feeding powder holder.
  • A change of baby clothes.
  • A blanket.
  • A pacifier if baby uses one. (Best not to use one)
  • Entertainment. Something to provide visual stimulation.
  • Snacks for baby.

For better mobility, put or carry your baby in:

  • A stroller
  • A baby carrier
  • A baby sling

If you are driving, for your baby's safety get:

  • A baby car seat.