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Sharing Experiences on Pregnancy Care and Baby Care

Are you an expecting mother or you have just given birth to your first baby? Welcome to First Time Mothers. This site only shares experiences on pregnancy and taking care of your new born baby. It aims to offer you some general information, encouragement and experiences that new mothers and expecting mothers go through.



A pregnancy is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you. It can be scary and worrying at times but take courage, many of the experiences you will encounter during pregnancy are common with expecting mothers and is to be expected.


Your newborn child is a gift from God, so treasure your baby. But be prepared, motherhood is a life changing experience and sacrifices have to be made. You will need to adjust your schedule around the child but remember not to neglect your husband.


Features suggestions on essential books, maternity clothes and newborn essentials, things mothers will need during pregnancy and motherhood to enable mothers to carry on with their daily activities such as, nursing their baby, baby’s outing with mummy and much more.

It doesn't matter whether you are pregnant or a mother with a newborn baby, no amount of training and preparation can ever prepare you fully for it, it is a learning journey. But do prepare yourself by learning from others and do as much reading up as you can, it will help prepare you to some degree for the journey that lies ahead.

Whether you are pregnant or a new mother, one important fact to remember is that you are never the only one going through whatever experiences you are encountering. Talk to other pregnant and new mothers, or get in touch with your doctor, gynae or join a local support group if you need help or you are feeling lost, confused or worried.